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Big Game. Bigger Ads.

The real battle is in the ad breaks!

Super Bowl 2023 - it's more than just football

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will face off Monday 13th February (AUS time) in the NFL’s Super Bowl, but many viewers will be watching the big game just for the commercials. Celebrities abound, special effects dazzle. Some ads tug at hearts, while others unleash the jokes. Some of the ads will be instant hits while others will leave viewers just plain confused…. which might be the ultimate touchdown!

Companies are already releasing the full versions of their ads well ahead of the game. Here’s a taste of what’s to come for viewers of the biggest tv spectacle of the year…. in between the football bits! And, at a whopping $7 million dollars US per 30 second spot, you’d better hope the ads a freakin’ awesome and highly memorable. You decide….