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The Fall Guy

Makes An Impact With Outdoor!
The Fall Guy

A promotional stunt like no other!

The Fall Guy’s recent electrifying journey from screen to skyline has not only redefined the boundaries of traditional advertising but also set a new standard for the impact of outdoor marketing in the digital age.

Universal Pictures has taken bold steps to elevate the excitement surrounding The Fall Guy’s release, commandeering the largest billboard in the Southern Hemisphere for a thrilling live action upgrade. In sync with the Sydney leg of the film’s press tour, Universal Pictures orchestrated a daring spectacle atop the Glebe Island Silos this week. Director David Leitch, along with producer Kelly McCormick, joined forces with the Aussie stunt team from the movie for a death defying high-flying event.

Kicking off The Fall Guy’s global press tour in Sydney, Leitch embarked on a promotional feat like never before. Scaling the towering Glebe Island Silos, the director orchestrated a gravity-defying stunt, marking a monumental moment in advertising history. Joined by McCormick and the Aussie stunt crew, Leitch orchestrated a jaw-dropping display of skill and coordination, suspended 34 metres above Sydney’s iconic skyline.

Against the backdrop of the city where the film was shot, the team performed a breathtaking sequence, featuring an exhilarating abseil down the billboard followed by an intense fight scene.

Suzanne Stretton-Brown, Director of Marketing at Universal Pictures Australia & New Zealand, expressed the ambition behind the activation, stating, “We aimed to revolutionise traditional OOH advertising with a daring PR stunt. Standing tall at 34 metres, this billboard provided the perfect canvas to unveil an electrifying action sequence, blending cinematic thrills with real-world spectacle and pushing the boundaries of advertising innovation.”

The collaboration with oOh!media marked a milestone for the market, as they not only provided the stunning backdrop but also facilitated access and secured approvals from various stakeholders.

Chris Freel, Group Director of Sales at oOh!media, emphasized the significance of the event, stating, “Taking The Fall Guy to new heights in Sydney, particularly on our iconic Glebe Silos, was an opportunity we couldn’t miss!”

The event also included an exclusive interview with director David Leitch and producer Kelly McCormick on Australia’s breakfast TV program Sunrise, where host Matt Shirvington braved the heights to engage with the creative minds behind the blockbuster.

Featuring a star-studded cast including Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Hannah Waddingham, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, The Fall Guy has lived up to its promise to be a thrilling homage to action cinema and the dedicated crews who bring it to life.