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Coronation Fun!

How brands could be celebrating the Coronation?

Spoof coronation Guinness ad goes viral

Hats off to an Aussie creative that took poetic license with a few global brands to celebrate the historic Coronation of King Charles III. According to B&T Events, Anthony Smith of Sydney-based Jaywing took it upon himself to create a few spoof print ads for a bit of fun.

He posted the ads on LinkedIn and attracted worldwide attention, racking up 1.8 millions views so far.

Just imagine the eyeballs that could have been achieved if he’d been given a budget, or even a brief to work from. Perhaps advertisers simply need to find some courage.

Enjoy the fun.

Guinness Coronation Ad
Corona Coronation Ad
Budweiser Coronation Ad
Puma Coronation Ad
Burger King Coronation Ad